Wild Montana

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Wild Montana works from the ground up championing wild public lands and waters across Montana – from Scotchman Peaks in the northwest corner to Chalk Buttes in the southeast corner and the mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, creeks, coulees, buttes, breaks, badlands, and grasslands in between.

Much of the work they do has implications for the entire state, especially the work they do at the state capitol in Helena that drives policy towards maintaining and opening access to public lands and waters, helping local communities benefit from new outdoor recreational opportunities, and ensuring funding for conservation, trails, fishing access sites, and other outdoor infrastructure.

Their work also reverberates across the West, especially their work to reform and modernize the U.S. oil and gas leasing system and ensure that the Bureau of Land Management prioritizes conservation in Montana and other states.

To protect the wild

They work from the ground up bringing people and communities together around policies, proposals, and legislation that protect wild public lands and waters from degradation and irresponsible development. Their work safeguards wildlands, secures wildlife habitat and migration corridors, and keeps headwaters and streams running cold, clear, and connected.

To confront climate change

Their work focuses on the conservation of large landscapes across Montana that play crucial roles in mitigating the climate crisis – as habitat for imperiled plant species and as pathways for wildlife moving in response to a changing climate.

They advocate for federal policy and legislation that also keep Montana’s wildlands intact, connected, and resilient, and that enable wildlife populations, plant communities, and human communities to endure and thrive in the face of climate change.

To enhance public land access

They build grassroots support for funding and policies that enable communities to benefit from and enjoy public lands and waters. They maintain and steward trails through public lands by organizing volunteer projects. And they stand at the forefront of the pro-public lands movement in Montana, repelling efforts to privatize and exploit those lands.

To help communities thrive

They advocate for public land policies and legislation that support the health and economic, cultural, and spiritual wellbeing of communities. They're also working to make public lands more welcoming for all people.

To learn more, visit Wild Montana's website.