Our Partners

Northwest Coffee Company is dedicated to preserving the outdoors. We do this by partnering with various outdoor organizations that are helping to make an impact in our region. A portion from every bag we sell is donated to the organization of your choice.

Not sure who to donate to? We've added information about each of our partners below. Learn what projects they're involved with and how they're making an impact.

Wild Montana

Since 1958, we’ve been uniting and mobilizing communities across Montana, creating and growing a conservation movement around a shared love of wild public lands and waters. We work at the local level, building trust, fostering collaboration, and forging agreements for protecting the wild, enhancing public land access, and helping communities thrive.

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Trout Unlimited

We believe in bringing all parties to the table to find proactive solutions that meet the challenges facing coldwater fisheries. We work to protect important habitat, reconnect degraded waterways and restore trout populations.

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Forest Fire Lookout Association

The Forest Fire Lookout Association (FFLA), is an organization involved in research of current and former forest fire lookout sites, ground cabins and early forest fire detection methods.  It promotes the protection, enjoyment, and understanding of Lookouts.

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Friends of Scotchman Peak Wilderness

Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness is committed to connecting people with their wild backyard – the Scotchman Peaks. Situated along the Idaho-Montana border, Scotchman Peaks is an 88,000-acre roadless area managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

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Idaho Conservation League

Since 1973, the Idaho Conservation League has worked to protect the air you breathe, the water you drink, the land and wildlife you love. As Idaho’s leading voice for conservation, they represent Idahoans who want to protect their state’s natural heritage and leave a legacy for its future generations.

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Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center

The Friends of the Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center was formed to increase avalanche awareness and advisories for the public. They also maintain operation of weather stations and organization of a team of snow observers to supplement observations made by the IPAC forecasters.

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